The Future of the Minnesota vikings shines brighter than yours.

The Future of the Minnesota vikings shines brighter than yours.

Teddy bridgewater chosen 32nd overall by the historic Minnesota Vikings franchise will be one of the best qbs to ever play in Viking the best to play the game.he has the accuracy of Peyton manning and the mobile ability of Randall Cunningham.The Viking dynasty that should’ve taken place in the 70s will make its mark in history led by future HOF coach mike zimmer and future HOF qb Theodore bridgewater.most importantly we will dismantle
the pathetic cheeseheads,carebears and lolions twice a year.while setting records with division dominance.greenbay and Seattle suck and are the two most classless places to live.SKOL!SKOL!SKOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9 thoughts on “The Future of the Minnesota vikings shines brighter than yours.

  1. This blog really sucks. Why would anyone create a blog called thevikesarethebest when they’ve never won a damn thing? All Vikings fans really are fucking idiots.

  2. Dude you guys have become the latest has beens of the NFL. Ever since your Vikings could not hold on to the ball because they were afraid to take a hit in the 2009 NFC game your team has become the scrubs of the league. By the way you would have lost to Manning in the SB. Saints only team that year that could beat the colts. Oh and if your team was so great where did your team go for the past four seasons. Check the scrub Vikings record to the saints record and that will tell you what a true powe NFL team should be. So get over it already you cry baby:(:(:( cry me a river!!!

  3. Classless joke Shehawks??? What a bafoon. Russell alone has more class than the whole Viking team AND anyone in your family or on your friends list. So go F yourself. Ponder wouldn’t make the cut for the Seattle Mist Lingerie Football team so shut it. CLASSLESS?!?!?!?! Please. #3 spends more of his personal time at Seattle Children’s than you could ever imagine. Probably more per week than you do with your own family. Don’t talk shit about the Hawks ESPECIALLY if you’re a Vikings fan. Blog that, you suck. Your blog sucks.

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